Thursday, August 12, 2010

Who are those cool cats?

Watch out- it's a freaky 70's action hero themed collab, complete with crazy pants and ridiculous (ridiculously powerful) abilities.
I drew Pav, Pav drew Cef, and Cef drew me.
The action figure of "The Palette" also comes with an action hero dog named Quincy that rides in a jet. Ya dig?


  1. Too bad our show, "P,C, & the Huang Tang Clan", got canceled after 3 episodes - 1970's network television couldn't handle our super macho bada$$ groove thang.

    For those interested, the three episodes were:

    1) Who Do That Voodoo?

    2) Escape from the Island of Were-Mummies

    3) Return to the Island of Were-Mummies (we forgot Quincy and had to go back)

    I'm looking forward to doing the commentary for the inevitable DVD release.

  2. DVD?! Radical! We finally made it into the big league boys!

    My VHS box set of our three episodes got hit with magnets. Ah... the box set... three tapes each holding a 20 minute episode even though a single tape could hold way more than that.

    Well, here's to us and our valiant 60 minutes of stardom. Maybe one day we can make it to blue-ray!

    p.s.- I think I can still fit into my costume... but I'm missing the hammer hand. It combusted in the studio fire back in '76.

  3. I sure as heck don't fit into those white slacks anymore, that's for sure.

  4. I'm most sad about the failed Mego figure line. We had removable cloth costumes!